Unlocking Retail Success: The KoverNow Advantage

🌟 Did You Know?  

A significant number of luxury goods and lifestyle products aren’t covered under a standard home contents policy. This is where the KoverNow Partner Program steps in, offering retailers a golden opportunity to stand out and provide unmatched value to their customers.

🔥 Why KoverNow is a Game-Changer for Retailers: 

🎯 Filling the Insurance Gap 

Many luxury aficionados need tailored insurance for their prized possessions. As a retailer, you can be the beacon of knowledge, guiding them to safeguard their investments. 

🤝 Cementing Trust & Loyalty 

Boost the probability of a sale in just two minutes! Introducing KoverNow to your customers showcases your care and enhances loyalty and referrals. As Melvin Ho from World of Watches II, Singapore, says, “With KoverNow, both customers and we win.” 

📱 Tech-Forward Approach 

KoverNow isn’t stuck in the past. It’s a cutting-edge, app-based insurance service. With individual QR enrollment codes, customers are connected to you, ensuring you benefit from every policy they purchase, irrespective of their initial purchase.  

🚀 Jumpstart Your Partnership 

No fuss, no hidden costs. Tap into the KoverNow Partner Program with comprehensive support – from training to promotional materials. Your success is just a QR scan away! 


🌐 In a Nutshell 

Elevate your retail game with the KoverNow Partner Program. It’s more than insurance; it’s a strategic tool, a customer loyalty magnet, and a testament of your commitment to offering unparalleled value. Innovate the future of retail with KoverNow. 🚀🌟