Traditional insurance won’t work for you until you pay a premium. KoverNow changes this by working for you from the moment you download our KoverNow App. You can enjoy a free level of services and if you choose to take out cover with us everything is organised in an easy, transparent and mobile way, so you can manage your insurance needs wherever you are.

Take a picture of the item in the KoverNow App. Add some details such as a receipt, the make & model and its current value – then add the item to your personal Vault. Your monthly premium for the item will be calculated instantly. Happy with the premium? Then activate cover by just selecting the ‘insured’ option (you can deactivate cover at any time).

The Total Insured Value of all your items and your Total Monthly Premium are always clearly visible. Link your favourite payment card and KoverNow’s AI can remind you to insure anything you’ve bought of value.

Because we want you to have just the right level of protection at all times – neither over or under-insured – we provide monthly premiums that automatically adjust as the value of your items change. You can add new items at any time. Want to stop insuring an item? Simply switch it off and the cover will end by your next billing period (up to a maximum of one month).

Just open the KoverNow App and go to the item you need to claim for. Then enter some details on how, when and where your item was damaged, lost or stolen. You are insured to the value reflected in your Vault – no questions asked. Around 90% of our claims are paid within three business days.

Founded in 2019, KoverNow is headquartered in Singapore. Its founders and leadership team come from diverse backgrounds in financial services, software and technology. We all share a vision to create mobile app-based insurance service that better serves the needs of customers.

KoverNow is partnering with MAS-regulated insurance carriers that are underwriting our products. Each underwriting partner is licensed in Singapore and will be a member of either the General Insurance Association, the Life Insurance Association of Singapore, or both.

Depending on the product specifications KoverNow works with various companies. No matter who underwrites your risk, you will be able to manage the entire relationship via our App.

KoverNow is certified by the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).

KoverNow uses your data and personal information to curate the best possible level of service for you. That’s it. In order to offer you a policy, we legally require certain personal data. Everything beyond that is controlled solely by you.

We are PDPA compliant.