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Worried about losing or damaging your valuables on your next overseas trip? The KoverNow app has you covered!

A trip overseas can quickly turn from an opportunity to a disaster, not only due to flight interruptions or medical needs but if the traveller loses or damages their valuable belongings like a laptop, camera or watch. To go overseas with peace of mind, travel insurance may not provide sufficient cover for more valuable items due to its low limits. That´s why KoverNow now offers a combination of both travel insurance and dedicated items insurance in just one app.

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Travel insurance is now available on the KoverNow app, delivering end-to-end digital insurance management experience for today’s consumers

Encouraged by the traction with customers using KoverNow to protect their luxury goods with on-demand insurance against loss and damage, the brand is now expanding its service offering to include travel insurance. This underlines KoverNow’s mission to provide effortless end-to-end digital insurance for the things that matter most to people. 

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KoverNow Appoints one of Singapore’s Most Prominent Marketing and Data Science Experts as Non-Executive Director

KoverNow has announced the appointment of National University of Singapore (NUS) Associate Professor of Marketing, Juin-Kuan Chong. Professor Chong, who is a behavioral scientist and data scientist by training, currently carries out research focusing on the challenges of nudging people to adopt useful technology. He joins KoverNow as a non-executive director.

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KoverNow Insurance App Reassures Singapore Travellers

Accustomed to the low-crime rate at home, Singapore citizens are often warned to be on their guard against robbery and loss when travelling abroad. Now, thanks to a new digital app from KoverNow, they can quickly and easily insure their camera, jewellery, watches or any other personal items of value just for the period of their vacation.

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KoverNow: The Netflix of insurance?

Subscription-based services are the most in-demand business model, with 78% of adults globally enrolled in a subscription service of a kind according to Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index report in 2021. The survey also revealed that three out of four people believe that in the future, people will subscribe more to services.

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