KoverNow Insurance App Reassures Singapore Travellers

Singapore, 17 November 2022 – Singaporeans are amongst the top ten holiday spenders in the world, going abroad for vacations on average three times a year. Accustomed to the low-crime rate at home, Singapore citizens are often warned to be on their guard against robbery and loss when travelling abroad. Now, thanks to a new digital app from KoverNow, they can quickly and easily insure their camera, jewellery, watches or any other personal items of value just for the period of their vacation.

The KoverNow app couldn’t be easier to use. Customers enter the details of their items to be insured into the KoverNow free vault. This provides an immediate market value as well as the premium to provide cover. There are no brokers involved and no paperwork. Customers simply switch the insurance on to put cover in place.

Customers are under no obligation to continue their cover once they return to Singapore. They can simply switch the insurance off using the KoverNow app and the premium payments will cease and re-activate cover for their next trip.

Singapore-based KoverNow developed the app to cater for the growing popularity of high-end jewellery and watch collectors and the needs of camera enthusiasts and in response to growing demands for less complicated insurance policies.

Stephan Kaiser, CEO at KoverNow, said: “Why should consumers pay to insure a watch, a bracelet, a luxury handbag or any of their digital technology when it is safely in their own homes? We wanted to provide a policy that could be downloaded, accessed and managed easily on a smartphone and which provides insurance only when it is really needed, such as when they are travelling.”