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Your watch can’t watch itself.

Protect your investment with the KoverNow App in minutes.

Is insuring your watch a hassle?

Hours of talking to salespeople, dozens of different forms to fill, opaque pricing with inflexible long contracts are making you confused and frustrated. Don’t let the joy of owning an exquisite timepiece be tainted with paperwork -You should have control over this.

Kovernow puts you in control

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Fully Digital Process

Kovernow offers a door-to-door insurance service, from pricing to policy purchase and claims. Do it completely digitally on our mobile app.

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Transparent & Instant Quote

Just add some basic information on your watch and we will provide an instant premium quote. Your premium will be updated monthly based on the latest valuation of your watch, so you will always be insured for the right amount.

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Protection for Loss and Damage

Our Policies (underwritten by QBE Singapore) cover both loss and damage. For your damaged watch you will be reimbursed for the repair cost, for lost watches you will be paid the agreed value.

You work hard
for your watches.

A timepiece does not just tell time, it signifies much more. We understand you want to wear it and enjoy it without the frustration of long insurance processes.

With Kovernow:
  • A database of watch prices (updated daily!) for accurate valuation points
  • All processes are completely digital
  • In-app support​


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World of Watches

Protect your timepiece quickly and easily with Kovernow

Upload your watch

Select your watch from our 35,000+ watch database to get the most accurate valuation and data.

Get your insurance quote

Your monthly quote is based on your current watch valuation. That way you will never be over- or underinsured.

Purchase Kover
Simply pay the policy and it will automatically renew every month. Your watch is now protected and you can cancel anytime.

Making a claim has never been simpler.

You may conveniently claim through our in-app claims module. All we require is a description of events that transpired and possibly supporting documents which you can upload via the app.

Your policy reprices every 30 days to adjust to market value. You can cancel it at any point in time if you no longer need coverage.

What do we insure?

We insure against loss and damage caused by events that involve you. So if you drop your watch by accident and it gets damaged, we take care of the cost of repair or replacement. In the unfortunate event that your watch is stolen, you will receive the actual value stated in the Vault.

In contrast to a warranty, which covers your watch for mechanical failure, we cover events that involve you.

Home contents cover is limited to your home and is not all risk. These home policies typically come with deductibles and caps on value of personal effects.

Home Insurance
Global Cover
No Appraisal
No Deductibles
Mechanical Failure
Only at home + Deductible
& Cap
Not always
if bag is more than cap
Example Pricing Table
Watch Model Value (SGD) Monthly Premium (SGD)
Seiko Sharp Edged Series
(SPB 217)
2,086 5.96
Tudor Ranger
4,210 11.51
Omega Moonwatch Professional
10,600 28.19
Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech
(PAM 01661)
20,500 54.05
Rolex GMT 2
29,083 76.46

Whether you are a luxury bag collector or looking to protect your first luxury purchase, we are here to help.

Most homeowners’ policies are designed to protect your home contents only and typically exclude or limit luxury bag coverage. So, if your bag costs more than the coverage limits, you will not be able to fully recover any loss.

KoverNow Digital Insurance, underwritten by QBE, provides “all-risk” cover for most cases of loss (no deductible) and damage so that you can protect your luxury bags easily and experience the joy of using them wherever you are.

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puts you first.

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