WatchBox Singapore To Offer KoverNow’s Insurance Services

KoverNow, an insurtech start-up company based in Singapore, has announced that WatchBox, a leading luxury watch retailer in Singapore, is now offering KoverNow´s easy to use insurance app-based services to its customers.   The KoverNow Retail Initiative targets merchants specialising in luxury products like cameras, jewellery, handbags and watches. This allows merchants – at no cost – to offer value enhancing services to their customers at the point of sale.

Insurance cover for high value luxury items is frequently an important factor for customers. At the same time retailers want their sales teams focusing on advising and servicing customers, rather than spending time on explaining time consuming, paper-based traditional insurance products. KoverNow’s fully digital product addresses that issue via its convenient app, freeing up resources.

“We are delighted that WatchBox has chosen our solution to build out its value proposition in Singapore, sharing our customer centric and modern approach to insurance. We look forward to working with more luxury retailers who we know are constantly thinking about improving their customer service to increase customer loyalty.” said Stephan Kaiser, CEO of KoverNow.

The KoverNow app is perfect for instantly insuring high value items such as watches, jewellery, cameras and designer handbags. Simple to download and manage on a smartphone, the app not only delivers valuations based on reputable market-tested data, it also includes a charting function which lets customers track the value of their insured items inside the KoverNow ‘Vault’, adjust their premiums to match the value, and turn their cover on or off, depending on their needs.