Travel insurance is now available on the KoverNow app, delivering end-to-end digital insurance management experience for today’s consumers

Customers can now enjoy worry-free travel, covering both their trip and precious valuables through one app 

Singapore, 11 April 2023 – Encouraged by the traction with customers using KoverNow to protect their luxury goods with on-demand insurance against loss and damage, the brand is now expanding its service offering to include travel insurance. This underlines KoverNow’s mission to provide effortless end-to-end digital insurance for the things that matter most to people. 

Purchasing travel insurance using KoverNow is easy through the highly intuitive app. The travel insurance module is accessible through a separate tab in the app and provides coverage from mislaid luggage to accidents. Because of a distinctive feature of the KoverNow app to authenticate customers with Singpass, the user experience stays seamless with the travel insurance module. With the personal details securely ported from Singpass upon sign-up, there is no need to duplicate effort by re-entering information, which ensures data accuracy. Underwritten by renowned insurer, QBE, having the travel insurance module in-app offers peace of mind to consumers regardless of where they choose to take a vacation. In addition, there are tailored travel insurance packages to cover for individuals or families – all for selection at a glance. Customers simply detail the travelling dates and destination. 

What makes KoverNow more appealing is that its current interface of item insurance and travel insurance sitting in one app allows people to protect the things they love easily. If customers select the travel insurance module, this will not only protect them against events, such as the loss of their passport or suitcase, but will also insure their individual items, such as a camera up to the value of S$5,000. However, because KoverNow offers item insurance through the same app as well, consumers who want to travel with more valuable items, such as luxury watches or jewellery or designer handbags, can simply use the item insurance module for higher value items. The same policy also covers their goods against loss or damage, even when they are not travelling. 

“Ease of use is at the very core of what we are offering to consumers with the KoverNow app, and the new travel insurance module exemplifies this,” said Stephan Kaiser, CEO at KoverNow. “We have always envisioned that KoverNow would offer a variety of insurance policies through one app that could be accessed to cover the growing range of consumer needs. We understand that consumers want insurance for the valuables they most treasure and they should be able to do this without complication using a smart mobile app. Travel is just the first in a range of upcoming products. Watch this space for more.” 

From today onwards, users who download or update the KoverNow app, can learn more about the available insurance policies.


About KoverNow 

KoverNow is headquartered in Singapore, centred around its core markets in Asia Pacific. The company’s digitally enabled insurance platform dramatically improves the customer journey for purchasing and managing different types of personal insurance by streamlining processes and speeding up renewals, approvals and claims. The KoverNow platform can achieve these efficiency gains whilst providing transparency, speed and value to existing ecosystems, channel partners and policy holders. KoverNow’s insurance platform provides features and functionality that reflect changing consumer behaviours, such as greater control, flexibility and convenience in a truly mobile format. 


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