KoverNow and QBE: Pioneering Digital Innovation in Insurance

In the bustling heart of Singapore’s fintech ecosystem, KoverNow emerges as a beacon of innovation, aiming to transform the insurance experience for its customers. By offering tailored insurance products for a variety of items, KoverNow caters to the diverse needs of the modern Singaporean. However, it is the strategic alliance with QBE Singapore that truly […]

KoverNow’s Strategic Alliances with QBE Singapore and SingPass

QBE Insurance office

In a world that is swiftly tilting towards digital conveniences, insurance is not to be left behind. A beacon of this transformation is KoverNow, a burgeoning entity in Singapore’s digital insurance industry. Despite its recent entry, KoverNow is swiftly etching its credibility, thanks to its strategic partnerships with stalwarts like QBE Singapore and the robust […]