KoverNow’s Strategic Alliances with QBE Singapore and SingPass

In a world that is swiftly tilting towards digital conveniences, insurance is not to be left behind. A beacon of this transformation is KoverNow, a burgeoning entity in Singapore’s digital insurance industry. Despite its recent entry, KoverNow is swiftly etching its credibility, thanks to its strategic partnerships with stalwarts like QBE Singapore and the robust identification system, SingPass. This alliance not only amplifies KoverNow’s aim for quality and customer satisfaction but also navigates the traditional insurance tapestry towards a more customer-centric paradigm.


KoverNow: Leading the Way in Singapore’s Insurtech Industry 

KoverNow offers an array of insurance products tailored to meet the diverse needs of Singapore’s populace. From gadgets like laptops and cameras to travel insurance, KoverNow’s offerings are as diverse as they are essential. 


A Strong Backing: The Partnership with QBE Singapore 

Central to KoverNow’s promise of quality and trust is its partnership with QBE Singapore, a segment of the globally recognised QBE Insurance Group. QBE Singapore’s stellar rating of ‘A’ by Standard & Poor’s (S&P) is a testament to its financial robustness and reliability. Moreover, the accolades don’t end there as QBE Asia bagged the Digital Insurance Initiative of the Year at the Insurance Asia Awards 2022 and was lauded in the Insurance Business Asia Top Insurance Workplaces 2022 list. 

By aligning with QBE, KoverNow is not just providing insurance; it’s delivering peace of mind. The comprehensive protection against damage, loss, and theft, underwritten by QBE Singapore, adds a layer of trust and reassurance to KoverNow’s offerings. 

QBE Insurance office
KoverNow’s insurance products are underwritten by QBE Singapore (Illustration: Bloomberg News)

Safe and Secure: KoverNow’s Integration with SingPass 

On the digital front, KoverNow’s collaboration with SingPass is a leap towards seamless customer onboarding and data security. The unique feature of the KoverNow app to authenticate customers using SingPass ensures a smooth user experience. This partnership ensures that customer data security is captured and managed, enhancing the overall customer experience. 

KoverNow secures customer data by using SingPass.

Aiming High: Fostering Customer Trust 

Furthermore, KoverNow works in partnership with QBE Singapore, which is registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). MAS, as the financial regulator, enforces stringent regulations to ensure the integrity and stability of financial institutions operating within its jurisdiction, instilling trust in the institutions it oversees. 

In the multitude of insurance options, KoverNow, with its thoughtful partnerships and customer-centric approach, is carving a niche for itself. The synergy between KoverNow, QBE Singapore, and SingPass is a robust step towards redefining insurance in Singapore, making it more accessible, secure, and trustworthy for every individual. 


About KoverNow  

KoverNow is headquartered in Singapore, centred around its core markets in Asia Pacific. The company’s digitally enabled insurance platform dramatically improves the customer journey for purchasing and managing several types of personal insurance by streamlining processes and speeding up renewals, approvals, and claims. In Singapore, KoverNow is a licensed agent registered with General Insurance Association. It is partnering with MAS-regulated insurance carriers that are underwriting its products, and with SingPass to securely capture customer-specific data. KoverNow is also part of Singapore Fintech Association and Singapore Business Federation.