Bought something new? Just snap a picture of the item and receipt and use our App to get covered. Your item will be added to the Vault with all your other valuables. Just sold your insured laptop? Cancel with a swipe. Or instantly extend the cover for your camera when going on holiday.

Easy and flexible

Add or remove an item, switch cover on or off, and the premium is instantly recalculated. You decide which items you want to cover and when. Easy.

Focus on things you love

How much does it all cost? It’s entirely up to you and what you most treasure. Create a plan tailored to your priorities. That’s you first insurance.

Get set up in minutes

To begin adding things to your Vault, you’ll need the KoverNow App on your phone or tablet. Download it free from the Apple Store or Google Play. Signing up is really fast and easy. What’s more, you can store items in your Vault and track their value for free. You’ll only be charged a monthly premium if you ‘switch on’ cover for any items.


Please read our Privacy Policy

Key features

  • Protect your valuables with the Current Market Value.
  • Ideal for those who only want to pick and choose a few valuables to protect.
  • Enjoy complete flexibility as your needs change. Never be over or underinsured.
  • Premiums always reflect the Current Market Value.
  • Add items to your Vault. See at a glance what’s covered and for how much.
  • Want to insure an item? Take a picture. Add some details. And your premium is instantly calculated.
  • Link your payment cards and our AI will remind you to insure new purchases.
  • Cancel or resume cover at any time
  • Add additional coverage as you need
  • Going abroad? Switch on roaming for items you’re taking with you.

Have you considered?

  • What’s most valuable to you and what can you least afford to lose?
  • Is this the best option if you’re a flat sharer rather than a homeowner?


KoverNow is partnering with MAS-regulated insurance carriers that are underwriting our products. Each underwriting partner is licensed in Singapore and will be a member of either the General Insurance Association, the Life Insurance Association of Singapore, or both.

Depending on the product specifications KoverNow works with various companies.

KoverNow’s Vault services are available wherever the app is accessible via the Apple App or Google Play stores. At the moment we can only insure your item if you are a resident of Singapore and able to identify with Singpass ( We are working with our underwriters to bring KoverNow’s insurance to additional jurisdictions soon.

Insurance companies – like banks – and other financial intermediaries are at the risk of being used for Money Laundering and Terror Financing. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) therefore requires banks and insurance companies to implement specific procedures to prevent those criminal activities ( KoverNow’s underwriting partners are regulated by the MAS and subject to those rules. In order to satisfy regulatory- and record keeping requirements we must identify you before you can take out insurance. In order to make this as convenient as possible we use the particularly safe e-KYC (Know Your Customer) technology provided through GovTech and endorsed by the MAS (—digital-id-and-e-kyc).

Premiums are based on the actual value of items. So you always pay exactly what you’re protected for. If the value of an item drops, your premium will also decrease (think electronics). If an item appreciates (think vintage watches), the premium will increase – making certain you’re never underinsured.

Yes, KoverNow’s Items Kover is all-risk. So you can move around with peace of mind, knowing you’re protected at all times. Better still, turn on roaming to extend your protection – even when traveling abroad.

For detailed information, please download the Items Insurance Policy.

If an item is lost, you are protected with the value last displayed in your Vault. No claims adjustments or lengthy processing. If your item is damaged but can be repaired, you are covered for the cost of repairing your item.

KoverNow requires accurate information on the circumstances of the loss. This is easily submitted via mobile-based claims reporting. Lost your phone? You can always log into your account via our homepage to complete the process.

If the loss is due to theft or other criminal action, you must make a report with the police and provide us with a (soft) copy.

Home & Contents is typically a bundled insurance product that protects items you have in your home and combines this cover with other services (that you may not need or want). It is not designed to cover individual items and is less mobile. We believe in putting you in charge to decide what and what not to insure. KoverNow’s items insurance is also unique as it tracks the values of your items and automatically adjusts the premiums.

Yes, depending on the category of items there are various thresholds. We set those to help you stay focused on the things you love and not pay premiums on items of marginal value.

We target processing 90% of claims within 3 business days. The App will keep you updated on the progress and payments will go straight into your chosen account.

Because we want to insure you to the right level and adjust our premium every month, you can turn off cover at any time. You’ll continue to be protected until the next billing date (up to one-month maximum).

We calculate your premium for the next 30 days and charge you the corresponding amount. You will find the invoice immediately under Billing (KoverNow app menu).

Currently we accept Apple and Google Pay and will be adding more payment options soon. If you continue protecting your item you will be automatically invoiced again after 30 days, resetting your premium to the current value of your item.