Going on vacation? Don’t risk your trip by opting for ‘tickbox insurance’

Traditionally, travel insurance policies are sold as an after-thought, something you’re offered when you’ve made your travel arrangements and before the final online checkout. It’s convenient, but does it provide you with the best cover for your needs?

Perhaps you plan to take your new Rolex watch or a much treasured vintage Leica camera away with you this year. Standard travel insurance is unlikely to insure either of those items for its full value because it comes with a cap. You need something that can be fitted around your personal needs.

KoverNow has the solution. As a mobile-first insurance provider we’ve streamlined insurance for both items and travel to suit modern needs. We recently carried out a survey among 500 Singaporeans that found 64% had used a digital channel to purchase insurance. With us this means getting the insurance you need for your trip and full cover for your most precious goods.

The app is easy to download and use, allowing you to secure a policy, turn it on and off, and make a claim with a few taps of your phone. There’s no need for insurance agents, but you can be reassured that KoverNow policies are underwritten by the renowned insurer, QBE.

With KoverNow you can secure or change your items and travel insurance right up to the moment you leave, which is helpful if your plans change, or you want to include a favourite handbag in your suitcase!

Another bonus is that item insurance and travel insurance sit conveniently together in one app. This lets you seamlessly and securely protect against unfortunate events including lost travel documents or suitcases being mislaid in transit up to the value of S$5,000. The precious items – not just watches or cameras, but luxury handbags, your laptop, an heirloom necklace and anything else of worth – can be insured in the app for their full value.

The same items insurance policy also covers these goods against loss or damage when you’re not on vacation, and you can maintain it for the long-term if required, or for a minimum of one month, so you won’t be paying out unnecessarily.

KoverNow insurance fits the every-day and the more exacting needs of customers offering single item cover or travel cover and a combination of both; so you’ll never be under, or over-insured.

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