In the Spotlight: Will InsurTech replace face-to-face selling?

Businesses are all pushing towards digitalisation, the insurance industry is no different. Are Singaporeans keen to purchase the more complex or complicated insurance policies via an app-model? And what should consumers look out for when buying insurance online? In the Spotlight on Prime Time, Bharati Jagdish speaks with Stephan Kaiser, Chief Executive Officer of KoverNow, […]

KoverNow: The Netflix of insurance?

Its subscription model gives another option for consumers that don’t want long contracts. Subscription-based services are the most in-demand business model, with 78% of adults globally enrolled in a subscription service of a kind according to Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index report in 2021. The survey also revealed that three out of four people believe that […]

Nurture the romanticism of a vintage camera by protecting its value

The retro trend has turned its gaze onto point and shoot cameras, with collectors snapping up iconic models and pushing up their values. It is not older generations that are driving this movement but millennials and Gen Zer’s who have only ever known digital cameras, and for most of them, the kind they get on […]

Your watch cannot watch itself

Watches have long been regarded as a collectible item, whether it’s because they have served successive family members through the generations and have sentimental value; break new ground technically; or because they come from brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet or Cartier, renowned for iconic models and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Watches have also become a popular […]

Viewfinder – Focusing on insuring your camera

Today we want to talk about whether it makes sense to insure your camera. Much of photography has moved to our phones and many of us are happy with just that. So, if you fall into this category, this article is probably not for you. At KoverNow we recommend thinking about getting protection for your […]

Should I insure my handbag?

Who doesn’t love their handbag? It contains everything you could possibly need from money and credit cards, makeup and phone, to a wide range of accessories that are absolutely necessary for any occasion. What is more, handbags look good and the right handbag may even appreciate in value and become a collector’s item. The cachet […]

Collectible luxury items demand agile insurance management

An article in the Singapore Straits Times from last weekend caught my eye. It was entitled ‘Time to look at collectibles amid inflation’ and outlined the relative benefits of investing in luxury items such as Rolex or Cartier watches, Bordeaux and Burgundy fine wines and Chanel handbags, except for the wine, things we maintain data […]

Accurate valuations depend on reliable data

Before you even begin to think about insuring your most precious items, it is essential to have an idea of their value. In fact, some policies insist on a reliable valuation before they will provide cover. Of course prices for items such as cameras, luxury goods and jewellery fluctuate, so it can be challenging to […]

Mobile app security is a consumer right

The shift towards mobile apps to cover all the bases in our everyday lives, from health and fitness trackers and shopping to movie streaming and banking, is an unstoppable, albeit very welcome force. Smartphones are nothing without the ability to dip into an app-store, browse for a while, and download a new tool or something […]

Time for insurance apps to join the worldwide app phenomenon

Mobile phones became ubiquitous because of their ability to keep us connected wherever we happened to be. Mobile apps, however, have made our devices an intrinsic, essential part of our everyday lives, tools that, for most of us, would be difficult to live without. It’s no surprise that in 2021, therefore, the number of mobile […]

Gen Z consumers are flexing their insurance buying muscles

Millennials are still making their way into the workforce and their influence has changed how we communicate and even how businesses are run. But before we get too complacent about how we’ve embraced a new way of doing things, it’s worth remembering that the Generation Z cohort is snapping at the heels of Millennials. In […]

What does 2022 have in store for insurance and policy purchasing in Asia?

Perhaps 2022 will be the year in which the Asian insurance market overhauls its long-established, risk-based model for developing new products and instead embraces an approach which puts the customer at its core. According to McKinsey: ‘Effective product innovation is tied to a deep understanding of customers’ emotional and practical needs and wants, paired with the […]

Making a paw-sitive change to pet insurance purchasing

All over the world, the pandemic lockdown and the subsequent shift in working practices has boosted pet ownership. According to a report from Morgan Stanley, the size of the U.S. pet industry could nearly triple from $118 billion in 2019 to $275 billion in 2030. Meanwhile, in the UK the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association says that 3.2 million households […]

Millennials want simple, smart, mobile-enabled insurance

Almost everything we buy is available through our smartphones these days from clothes and furniture to food and cars. There is one notable exception – insurance. When was the last time you bought an insurance policy on your phone? Insurance of any kind is still primarily sold to us, by agents or brokers, and in a traditional […]

WhitePaper: KoverNow Items Insurance

This paper summarizes the problems, solutions and technologies employed in developing a highly personalized digital insurance solution for individual assets, and considers the outlook for commercialising the product. Download the whitepaper here.

KoverNow: in tune with Asian consumer trends

In a recent trawl of my inbox, my eye was drawn to a recent McKinsey report: Redrawing Asia’s consumer map . The research gave me an opportunity to check whether our vision for KoverNow – to create a consumer-focused insurance platform for Southeast Asia – is on the right track. (And I couldn’t help thinking the report’s […]