KoverNow Integrates Google Pay and Apple Pay for Seamless Payments

KoverNow Integrates Google Pay and Apple Pay for Seamless 1-Click Payments

In a progressive move towards enhancing user convenience, KoverNow, the cutting-edge insurtech startup based in Singapore, is thrilled to announce the integration of Google Pay and Apple Pay into its mobile app. This strategic move aims to simplify and streamline the payment process, allowing users to experience unprecedented ease with a single click.    Innovative […]

KoverNow’s CEO: From a Finance Expert to an Insurtech Innovator

KoverNow's CEO Stephan Kaiser

In today’s digital-driven financial sector, trust is paramount for maintaining customer loyalty. Insurtech companies like KoverNow are revolutionizing the industry, blending modern innovation with trusted customer relations. Stephan Kaiser, CEO of KoverNow, with his transition from a finance expert to an insurtech leader, is at the forefront of KoverNow’s efforts to establish a reliable platform. […]

KoverNow has been featured in the Asian Journeys Magazine

This October, KoverNow has been featured in the prestigious Asian Journeys magazine, highlighting how our app can be used to purchase travel insurance quickly and easily. To access the complete article in Asian Journeys magazine, please visit their website: https://asianjourneys.com.sg/eMagazine/singapore/2023-10-01/page-1 About KoverNow KoverNow is headquartered in Singapore. The company’s digitally enabled insurance platform dramatically improves […]

KoverNow and QBE: Pioneering Digital Innovation in Insurance

In the bustling heart of Singapore’s fintech ecosystem, KoverNow emerges as a beacon of innovation, aiming to transform the insurance experience for its customers. By offering tailored insurance products for a variety of items, KoverNow caters to the diverse needs of the modern Singaporean. However, it is the strategic alliance with QBE Singapore that truly […]

KoverNow’s Strategic Alliances with QBE Singapore and SingPass

QBE Insurance office

In a world that is swiftly tilting towards digital conveniences, insurance is not to be left behind. A beacon of this transformation is KoverNow, a burgeoning entity in Singapore’s digital insurance industry. Despite its recent entry, KoverNow is swiftly etching its credibility, thanks to its strategic partnerships with stalwarts like QBE Singapore and the robust […]